Wastewater Treatability Studies

Without knowing the Exact treatment & Chemical composition of Effluent It's very difficult to process large volume of effluent (at practical level) to achieve the desired results as per Rules / Limits.

Aqua Laboratories India (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. - Effluent Treatability Studies : can be useful for water and waste water. These studies are very important for the selection of treatment process. These studies involve various methods with different treatment chemicals to determine the most appropriate method of treatment.

It is small scale Laboratory testing, that can give us valuable information about treatment to perform in the field. Its relatively very cost-effective and can prevent full-scale cost application of technologies.

Performing a treatability studies during the early stages of designing plant is important to :

That's why its called as the "The surest way to save a Lot"

Initially, we are processing the Effluent for following parameters to check the concentration of impurities present in it, for :

  • pH
  • TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids )
  • TSS ( Total Suspended Solids )
  • Chlorides
  • Sulphates
  • COD ( Chemical Oxygen Demand )
  • BOD ( Biochemical Oxygen Demand )
  • O & G (Oil & Grease )
  • Any other specific parameter as per need

Then depend on chemical composition of Effluent we are suggesting the different methods & processing the sample (small volume ) in the laboratory. The Output sample from this process again checking for the above mentioned parameters to check success rate of this process.

The minimum quantity of sample required shall be 5 Lit and detail composition of Effluent.