Most of the people prefer drinking bottled water rather than tap water because they believe that bottled water to be cleaner, but this is a common misconception. Tap water processed by water treatment plants is actually more pure than the bottled water sold in stores.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, tap water must be tested every month for bacteria and mineral , chemicals , hardness etc. then you can drink it.

Water mains and municipal pipes get older every day. When water pipelines break or the age of pipelines get older, and these pipelines breaks can introduce impurities into your household tap water. Depending on where your water is naturally sourced, you may also find small flecks of iron or manganese coming from your tap. Fortunately, these don't pose a health hazard. But they can affect the taste of your water, and they can discolor dishes and clothing with regular washing.

Some activities can lead to harmful chemicals found in tap water. Industrial activities are also responsible for mixing the industrial west into clean water source. To overcome this problem we suggest that to check your water by water treatment technologies to reduce waterborne chemicals, parasites, bacteria and viruses to safe levels and to better understand that clean water does not mean that it pure water. Purity of water is essential factor for our good health.