Drinking water can contribute to good health, and schools are in a unique position to promote healthy, dietary behaviors, including drinking water. Students typically spend at least 6 hours at school each day. So its our duty to provide them pure and clean water.We know that Childrens immunity power are weaker than adults So if Students drinking the water in the school it should be clean and pure.

For this the source of water in the school should be clean and tested egularly. Water quality testing is important because it identifies contaminants and prevents water born disease. Source of water is an important factor in providing safe water.

In a school or colleges there are 500 to 1000 study in one time. Everyday they drink water from the school during the school period and whatever the water provide by the school should be pure. Waterborne diseases can affect anyone, anywhere. The risk is more for children. School management should aware of water borne diseases and their Precaution. According to that they should provide the pure water to the students.

Every students have right to drink treated and pure water. The pure water is not only necessary for hydrogen but also for maintaining the balance between the body and their functions such as cell regeneration respiration, digestion and elimination of toxins. So when your water is of poor quality, your mind and body can’t function properly. You may feel sluggish, bloated, and dehydrated without the proper amount of high quality water.

All these things are very important in students growing period so for maintaining the healthy school environment you should test your water in given period of time.

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