If your residence is nearby Industry there may be lots of chances of mixing of impurities in water. Impurities are mixed in water by various activities in Industries. There are many chances of mixing chemicals in drinking water.

Industry is a huge source of water pollution, It produces pollutants that are extremely harmful to people and environment. Industrial west Introduced in source of water may contain Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, Nitrate, Phosphate, sulfur, Oil and Petrochemicals. Lead and Mercury are metallic element and they cause health and environmental problems. Oil and Sulfur are onmetallic substance and it harmful to the marine life.

Some of the toxic impurities like petrochemicals are also added to the water by the Industrial work. Organic and Inorganic material are mix in water by industrial waste water which is harmful to Human being. Microorganisms are also added to the drinking water by the action of Industrial Work.

These all overcome by the treatment of water from water treatment technologies. People should aware of the impurities mixed in water and their effects to human being. So the residence near to the Industrial area should aware of the water testing.