As we know that the water is essential nutrient for bird metabolism and nutrition. Water consumed by the bird is essential for nutrient transportation, enzymatic and chemical reaction in the body, temperature regulation, lubrication of joints and organs.

If you running poultry you need water for birds to drink, evaporation of cooling pad, fogging system and for cleaning purposes. Water consumption by chicken is limited when water contaminated with excess minerals. Their water and food consumption rate are interdependent. When water intake rate is reduced by chicken their food intake rate also reduce, and it affect their metabolism. so Mineral content in water should check regularly from water testing laboratory.

Same way pH, microbial contamination, Alkalinity, water Hardness and temperature also affect the water quality. A pH range of greater than 8 could cause reduced water consumption.and hard water contain minerals such as magnesium, Iron, Sulfur, Sodium and copper can causes bitter test and it reduces the intake of water by birds.

Bacterial count is also major factor in poultry farm. Total coliform, E.coli bacteria are found in water and coliform bacteria are of special concern & coliform are found in animal digestive track And it hazardous to their health.

For better precaution the person who running poultry farm should test their water on regular basis for bird health.