There are a million reasons why you should use pure water for both drinking and cleaning utensils. The primary reason would be hygiene, obviously. Using pure water reduces the possibilities of contamination of extracellular micro-organisms and thereby preventing a lot of health hazards. Other basic reasons of using pure water while drinking and cleaning utensils include being healthy and prevent people from dehydration.

Cleaning utensils and drinking pure water also enhance the way of your living. Your lifestyle majorly depends on your eating habits and your fitness regime. Studies have found that even a 2% decline in your body water level can make you dehydrated and interrupt in your regular body functions.

There are a lot of dangers that come from using tap water. They tend to have harmful chemicals from our industrial waste and other sources. These harmful chemicals include chlorine, minerals like lead or mercury. These harmful toxins also cause major life-threatening situations for organisms living inside and outside water bodies. When we purify water, we tend to remove out 95% of all the waste toxins and unwanted required But the remaining 5% are enough to cause a lot of health problems.

Generally, utensils catch a lot of dirt even after being washed, but some people forget the fact that cleaning something with dirty water or impure water does not fully clean it. Dirty water itself has a lot of bacterial growth and other harmful chemicals that might cause an interruption in your normal body metabolisms.