The mineral content of your water can affect the way you wash your clothes. Sometimes Water hardness as a tough stain that interacts with the ingredients in your washing detergent, and stops your detergent from working effectively.

Water is an essential element in any laundry and the quality of water used in the laundry process can have a direct effect on the appearance and wear life of clothing and textiles. Many industrial laundries are concerned about the hardness of the water used and because of this problem, more soap and synthetic detergents are required in hard-water laundry areas. Water is an excellent solvent. As water moves through soil and rock, it dissolves very small amounts of the minerals it comes in contact with and holds them in solution.

When laundry water is hard it can lead to incomplete soil removal. White fabrics become gray and have a dingy appearance while colored fabrics lose their brightness.

Fabric fibers become harsh and scratchy when not removed soil deposits are allowed to build up. The wear life of a garment can be lessened by up to 40% when washed in hard water and some fabrics may have to be discarded before wearing out.

To overcome this problems test your water to find out their mineral content and according to that set up proper water treatment plant if required.